Ralph Walker's Swiss Shooting Medals

and Beer Coasters (at bottom)

Buy these medals for $8 each ($10 for the pewter railroad plate) plus approximately actual postage. To purchase send me e-mail. PayPal accepted. It is my habit to spend a few days each week at my cabin, which is a computer-free zone, but I will answer you immediately when I'm back home.

I pick up these medals during my yearly trips to Switzerland. In addition to those shown I have a number waiting to be scanned, primarily Volksmarsch but some for other events such as music contests, memorial walks, skiing and shooting. If you have a particular intrest let me know and I'll check through these also.

It's too much work to list these little things individually on ebay, but you can check my feedback on ebay to see if I can be trusted. My ebay userid is MarushoLilac. And I'm in the phone book in Arlington, Virginia.

In addition to shooting medals you will find a few other types of medals in here - Volksmarsch, hiking, sporting day, memorial hikes. It's up to you to translate the inscriptions and decide what you are looking at. If you can't read something just ask.

The medals and coasters were scanned at 75dpi, so they should appear about 104% actual size on your monitor.

It is my intention to update this site after every sale. It was last updated September 16, 2012. Thanks for looking.

---Ralph Walker

'Schweizerische Tellstafette Bürgen 1994 / Auszeichnung / 3.Rang' -- ice skating, running, biking, skiing Pewter souvenir plate with hanging hook -- 25th Tournament of the shooting club (ESV) of the little BTI Railroad in NW Switzerland (Biel-Täuffelen-Ins Bahn), possibly now merged with the ASM and known as the 'ASM-BTI'; depicts tandem railcar; nearly like new; 6 oz. -- $10)

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